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Let’s uncomplicate insurance

By its very nature, insurance is a complex industry. There are a large numbers of products, a multitude of intermediaries, complex pricing and underwriting models,and insurance events that are often highly bespoke to the claimant.

At Rama, we believe in simplifying the customer experience by uncomplicating every step for you and giving you a seamless experience – from taking a policy to settling of claim.

What’s on your mind ?

Whether you are looking for insurance for yourself or for your company, you can find it all under one roof at Rama. Select your category and get started.

the rama advantage

Rama Insurance brings to the table a bunch of attributes that make it a preferred choice with customers.

Instant e-policy

Convenience of Suretyship Policies coverage anytime and anywhere

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Greater savings

Competitive rates on coverage tailored to fit your needs

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1.6million+ policies issued

A trusted insurance company of choice for Indonesia

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Fast and Easy Claim Settlement

We pride ourselves in making the Claim Settlement fast and easy

One stop shop

All insurance-related requirements, under one roof

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